Treia is one of 16 towns in Le Marche region of Italy which, because of its beautifully preserved historical centre, is included among the “Borghi piu belli d’Italia” (Most beautiful villages in Italy)

Some of Treia’s Historical sights

  • The medieval cathedral.
  • The 17th century town hall with a collection of renaissance and classical paintings.
  • Museo Civico Archeologico, which preserves the Egyptian religious statues of the Roman period, unique in Marche.
  • Torre Onglavina (or Torre di San Marco) which is all that remains of the castle.


La Casa degli Amori is well served by local restaurants. From takeaway pizzas to a local restaurant which is aiming for its first Michelin star, they have all been tried and tested and bookings can be arranged so you can judge for yourself.

Beauty Clinic

5 minutes from our house is a beauty parlour offering all treatments at a competitive price

Disfida del Bracciale

The town is famous as being the birthplace of Carlo Didimi, champion of the medieval game of Disfida del Bracciale. The game has been celebrated for the past thirty-one years, by a re-enactment which takes place during the first week in August. The final match is played on first Sunday in August each year.

Le Marche

For three years in a row I’ve spent the summer at La Casa degli Amori and each time I have been lucky enough to catch some or all of the Treia Festival. This year, was best of all as I was there for the entire festival and so saw – no, was caught up in! – the wonderful procession that seems to include everyone in the town, superbly dressed in every medieval costume you can imagine, complete with bands, babies, donkeys, horses, carts, jugglers, the lot. It winds its way through the ancient narrow streets of the walled town and ends up at the final of the Disfida del Bracciale. The game itself is spectacular, imagine the atmosphere of the Monaco grand prix and Wimbledon in a squash court, but afterwards the town band (or was it several of them, difficult to tell, the noise echoing off the cobbles and walls!) seemed to be pursuing us as they paraded the winning team back to its quarter and, wonderful chance, to the same restaurant where we were eating. But I’d go back just for the scenery, hospitality, the food and drink – and that’s just at Sandy and Laurence’s wonderful home, let alone Treia.

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